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21 Elephants and Me -- How Emily Warren Roebling Inspired Me To Conquer My Fear and Cross the Bridge

True story -- about ten years ago I tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge -- and failed miserably. I couldn't make it off the ramp leading up. When I read 21 Elephants, the story about how PT Barnum walked 21 elephants (and 17 camels) across the Brooklyn Bridge in 1884 to convince the public that this span was safe, I WANTED to overcome my fears. I even used it as an inspiration in STEAM challenges I gave elementary students. BUT it took learning the remarkable story of Emily Warren Roebling to convince me to finally take a leap of faith and cross the Brooklyn Bridge. So in her honor, I share the video of my journey, the wonderful book choices inspired by our friends at Books of Wonder in NYC, and a suspension bridge building challenge you can do in Emily's honor.

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