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STEAMING into Iceland with Early Childhood STEAM Specialist Katherine Mohr

Join Dr. Diane on the Adventures in Learning podcast as she delves into the extraordinary world of STEAMing Into Iceland with early childhood and elementary education STEAM specialist Katherine Mohr! ๐ŸŒ‹๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธย  Immerse yourself in the magic of early childhood education, where curiosity meets creativity! From inside the volcano to the mesmerizing landscapes of Iceland, Katherine shares practical ideas about how she took her travel experiences to create in-depth and engaging STEAM centers into the classroom. Katherine shares practical tips for incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts, and music seamlessly into early childhood and elementary education!ย 

  • [00:01] Introduction by Dr. Diane

  • [01:11] Welcome to Katherine, preschool STEAM and music teacher

  • [01:32] Katherine's journey to becoming a STEAM specials teacher

  • [03:25] Integrating immersive experiences into early childhood education and STEAM experiences

  • [05:47] Strategies for structuring early childhood content around state early learning standards

  • [06:11] Exploring books from Iceland to teach STEAM topics

  • [08:00] Breaking down the Icelandic STEAM unit into various sections

  • [09:52] Designing a pulley system activity inspired by Inside the Volcano

  • [11:49] Sharing videos and personal experiences with students

  • [13:11] Integrating animal experiences into the curriculum

  • [14:57] Horse gait imitation as a gross motor skills and cognitive activity

  • [17:11] Comparing and contrasting puffins and penguins using pixelation or shapes

  • [19:51] Engaging in compare and contrast activities for deeper understanding

  • [21:06] Lava flow protection activity and engineering design challenges

  • [26:26] Exploring the midnight sun and seasons.

  • [27:31] Hands-on activity with a sphere to explain Earth's tilt.

  • [31:39] Glacier hike dramatic play center.

  • [34:38] Suggestion for whale-related activities.

  • [35:42] Advice on documenting experiences for classroom use.

  • [37:02] Encouragement to find teaching materials during travels.

  • [38:33] Applying travel approach to local experiences.

  • [39:35] How to access lessons and invitation for feedback

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